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Northwest Ohio’s premier fine arts festival takes place the last full weekend of June every year at Toledo Botanical Garden and features the work of more than 200 artists from across the country. Support for the Crosby Festival of the Arts is provided by the Ohio Arts Council.

Crosby Festival of the Arts is a highly recognized fine art show. Since 1965, Crosby Festival has been held at Toledo Botanical Garden (formerly Crosby Gardens), set amidst the beauty of gardens and nature. Now celebrating its 53rd year, this festival is heralded as Ohio’s oldest outdoor juried art festival and is THE fine art festival in Northwest Ohio. As the only show of its size and caliber in our region, participating artists are received enthusiastically by over 20,000 visitors and 700+ preview party guests each year.

Crosby Festival of the Arts (CFA) is a two day art show taking place Saturday & Sunday. A Preview Party is held on Friday evening, so that Festival patrons can be the first to see and purchase art, while enjoying heavy hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and live music.

Online artist application - Deadline for Artists registration is Feb. 28, 2018

Vendor application (PDF) - Deadline for vendor applications is March 1, 2018

2017 Crosby Festival of the Arts Award Winners:


Isaac Smith (Graphics)


1st Place - Tom Marino

2nd place - Debra Steidel

3rd place - Kaname Takada


1st place - Xiao Xia Zhang

2nd place - James Green

3rd place - Cyndy Naylor


1st - place Mark Sudduth

2nd - place Robert Kovacs

3rd - place Paula Marksbury


1st - place Susan Loy

2nd - place Derrick Riley

3rd - place Chuck Wimmer


1st - place Humberto Hernandez

2nd - place Kristin Perkins

3rd - place Amy Beeler

Mixed Media

1st - place Anne Kindl

2nd - place Don Widmer

3rd - place Steven Wipfli


1st - place Jim Holehouse

2nd - place Michael Miller

3rd - place Aaron Bivins


1st - place Matthew Platz

2nd - place Jeneen Hobby

3rd - place Chris Gug


1st - place Ron Stinson

2nd - place Stephen Breinager

3rd - place Thomas Yano


1st - place Donald Shurlow

2nd - place Amy Schultz

3rd - place Neil Kemarly

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