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Support for Community Gardens

Toledo GROWs removes barriers to empower people to grow their own healthful food. Community gardens in our network receive free seeds and seedlings, education, loan of tools, materials, connection to services, and networking with other gardeners.

Programs at Toledo GROWs

Pre-school to 12th Grade

The dynamic programs offered by Toledo GROWs make use of critical thinking and problem solving skills, for both adults and children, to effectively achieve real world learning.

Explore the hands-on programming offered at our urban farm or in the classroom.

Toledo GROWs

Nurturing the Joy of Growing

Toledo GROWS educates our community about the value of local nutritious food. Our active urban farm and support for community gardens promote healthy eating and create a region alive with gardens.

Our expert staff provides hands-on learning experiences that create opportunities to:

  • take ownership of one's food source
  • eliminate blight from neighborhoods
  • build relationships within the community
  • actively engage people through volunteer opportunities

Nurturing the Joy of Growing

Gardens Revitalize Our World

Don't have a green thumb? Don't worry, you can still impact your community. We invite you to tour our gardens, get your hands dirty, or help us with events.