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Nurture the Joy of Growing

The dynamic programs offered by Toledo GROWs make use of critical thinking and problem solving skills, for both adults and children, to effectively achieve real world learning.

Please take time to explore the hands-on programming offered at our urban farm or in the classroom or meeting space.

Feel free to contact our educator at 419.720.8714 or

You can become engaged in the educational programming at Toledo GROWs as a sponsor. There are various levels of sponsorship for our educational programming.

Program Sponsorships

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Summer Virtual Hands-On Programs

Experience a farm field trip in your own space! 
Each of our hands-on, virtual offerings gives you everything you need for a memorable and interactive activity with your students.  Our educator will deliver a box of materials to your daycare or school the day before your scheduled program.  Using these resources, we will provide a 45-minute online video program that your kids will just love!
These programs are designed for groups of 9 students, ages K-6th and require internet and video connection.

Wild About Worms
Discover what creatures live in the soil to help make our planet happy and healthy.

Fantastic Fruits
We'll get messy and discover which things are fruits and which are not.

Pollution Solutions
Learn about how Earth needs our help to save the planet.

Learn More

Contact Hannah Halfhill at 419-720-8714 or



Our in-person programs listed below will become available as health and safety allow.



In Class - 1 Hour Program

Fruits and Veggies
Did you know a potato is a root or that celery is a stem? Students learn about the plants we eat through silly dances, hands-on activities, and so much more!

Garden Animals
Gardens are much more than fruits and vegetables! Learn about bugs, birds, and all the beautiful critters that help our gardens grow.

Field Trips - 1 ½ Hour Program

Junior Farmers
Explore the farm and see what it’s like to get your hands dirty. Plant seeds, feed the chickens, and see how much fun it is to be a farmer for a day!

Things with Wings
Games and activities lead young learners to the wonder and mystery of butterflies, birds and bugs, as they learn new things about these beautiful friends of the garden!


In Class- 1 Hour Program

Plants on Your Plate
Eating fruits and vegetables is no chore when it’s connected to science! Discover a variety of plants you can eat and their health benefits, while learning the basics of botany.

Garden Puzzle
It takes many pieces to make a whole. Plants, animals, and weather are a few of the factors that make up a garden. Learn how each piece relies on the next and discover how we humans fit the puzzle.

Build a Bin
Learn the simplicity of worm composting through hands-on experiments that explore the elements of a perfect worm habitat. Build a worm bin with your students and play games to discover exactly what your worms will eat.

Circle of Life
Learn about life cycles and food chains with this interactive, hands-on presentation, including survival adaptions and how an animal depends on its environment.

Field Trips- 1 ½ Hour Program

Farmer for a Day
Students learn about the plant life cycle and put their plant knowledge to practice on the farm. Students participate in one of the stages of the plant life cycle, from planting to harvesting, depending upon the season.

Chicken and the Egg
Students discover the food and habitat that is required to allow chickens to complete a happy and healthy life cycle. See the coop, search for eggs and complete an egg investigation to compare farm raised eggs to store bought eggs.

What would we do without bees? Learn how bees pollinate certain plants and how, without bees, we would not have many of our favorite foods.

Worms at Work
Start at the “ground level” of life at Toledo GROWs. Budding scientists get down and dirty collecting soil and insect samples, then use microscopes to identify decomposers and evaluate the soil quality as they gain an appreciation for the beauty of dirt.

Farm to Table
Where does our food come from? Does it magically appear in our grocery stores? Learn how food gets from the ground to your house and all the steps in between.


6th-12th GRADE

In Class: 1 Hour Program

Pollution Solutions
Investigate how pollution is affecting our everyday lives. Students will participate in hands- on science experiments to see how pollution affects how we live.

Field Trips: 1 ½ Hour Program

Taking Action
Every person within a community has a responsibility to their environment. Gardens provide many opportunities in both urban and rural areas. Students create a project to take action in solving a social and/or economic problem in their community.

Inclusive Education

Programs designed with everyone in mind. Each curriculum is adaptable for a variety of audiences but has a primary emphasis on students with disabilities. Our educator will work with you to create the perfect program for your group.

In Class: 1 Hour Program

Container Gardening
Gardens grow inside and outside! It doesn’t matter if you live in a tiny apartment or on a giant farm, you can grow your own food wherever you are!

Beautiful Bugs
Bugs play a vital role in the success of a garden and are such fun to study. We will look at how pollination works, life cycles, and create a fun bug craft.

Field Trips: 1 ½ Hour Program

Farm Skills
There are so many things to see and do in a garden! Learn fun job skills and have a blast practicing social skills with our pretend vegetable stand.

Sights and Sounds
Gardens are a beautiful place to use your senses. Get your hands dirty in one of our sensory bins, use your ears to hear the sounds of our chickens, and use your eyes to take in the sights around you.



Great for teachers, garden clubs, or other civic groups. At your location or hosted at Toledo GROWs.

1 ½ Hour Program

Gardening to the Standards
Ohio’s learning standards outline the knowledge and skills prek-12th grade students need. Did you know that gardens are the perfect classroom to meet numerous learning standards for all ages? Our educator will demonstrate how you can meet Ohio’s learning standards by connecting your students to nature and nutrition.

Urban Gardens
Small Space, Big Impact: Experience a hands-on program that will open your eyes to the urban garden phenomenon. Our urban farmer will dive into small space gardening, organic methods, and so much more!

Growing a Community
With each seed planted in a community garden, the roots of that city grow stronger. Learn how gardens can not only beautify their surroundings, but can also create long lasting partnerships.

Season Extension
Get back into the garden this fall and learn how to grow a variety of hardy greens and root veggies into the colder months.  Learn which veggies to grow, different soil-warming techniques, how to use hoops and row covers over your garden, and find out some tasty harvest recipes.

Soils and Composting
Not sure what to do with your kitchen, garden and yard scraps?  Then expand your recycling efforts to include kitchen waste and yard debris.  Learn how to amend your soil with things you already have and create the most nutrient rich compost in your own backyard.


Field Trips
- $5 per participant  ($75 Minimum)

Classroom or Other Site

Within 10 Miles of Toledo GROWs
- First program    $60
- Additional programs   $40 each

11 - 30 Miles from Toledo GROWs
- First program   $75
- Additional program    $40 each


Feel free to contact our educator at 419.720.8714 or

Gardens Revitalize Our World

Don't have a green thumb? Don't worry, you can still impact your community. We invite you to tour our gardens, get your hands dirty, or help us with events.