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We're in this together!

Through the ups and downs of the past two years, we've been constantly reminded how lucky we are to be part of a community of gardeners. This community has been patient with one another and focused on health and safety for all – working together to thrive. 

As pandemic concerns have leveled off this year, we are happy to report a return to some "normalcy":

  • The staff has worked diligently to take care of one another, our volunteers, and our guests. We're fortunate to have work that is centered outdoors, so that others have felt comfortable taking part in volunteer and educational opportunities with Toledo GROWs. We've all worn masks and kept our distance when necessary so that we could continue to be together enjoying what we love.
  • What a joy it was to host Seed Swap in person once again! 1,100 gardeners who had been pent up for two years came together to share seeds and knowledge, celebrate their love for gardening, and get (even more!) excited for the coming growing season.
  • 2022 saw the return of many corporate volunteer groups to the farm and community gardens. There is much excitement and energy present among corporate teams who work virtually when they spend the day working together in the gardens at Toledo GROWs. Gardening is good for body, mind, and soul! 
  • We have been so happy to serve many groups of youth once again through in-person gardening and nutrition education. Youth have returned to the farm for field trips and have welcomed our Education Coordinator into their classroom for hands-on learning that enhances their learning. 
  • We're excited to finally be able to put our teaching kitchen to use. Several small group classes and demonstrations have been hosted there to help individuals learn simple food preparation to make use of the fresh produce from the farm. 
  • Our Community Garden Coordinator continues to work with the 120 gardens in the Toledo GROWs network, providing technical assistance, connecting gardeners with resources and materials, and visiting gardeners at their site. Nearly 10,000 people are served through those gardens each year. We continue to field inquiries from groups who want to start a community garden. 
  • We have had to "pivot" during this pandemic time and find a different way to offer services. Many of those changes proved to be beneficial so we kept them – things like…
    • "Curb-side" pick up of weekly produce sales, honey, Community Garden plant orders, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares. Customers are able to pull up to the front door, give us a beep, and have their order delivered to their vehicle.
    • Offering the option of online tickets for Crosby Festival of the Arts. The lines at the gate have never moved faster!
    • Hosting the Harvest Dinner as a series of smaller gatherings, rather than one large event. Guests at the meals have enjoyed a four course farm-to-table meal, as well as an intimate setting to learn more about our work. 

We remain fluid in working through the COVID 19 pandemic. We'll continue to adjust as necessary, but are grateful that the peaks and valleys of this time have levelled off. Thank you for being part of all this work! 

Together, we are growing FOOD, growing WELL-BEING, and growing COMMUNITY!

Yvonne Dubielak, Executive Director, Toledo GROWs
900 Oneida Street, Toledo, OH 43608

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